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Situation, Language, Speech. Models and Applications

Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Sapienza — Universita di Roma, Federal Reseaarch Center «Computer Science and Control» of RAS and Russian Center of Science and Culture in Rome announce the Second International Conference Situation, Language, Speech. Models and Applications SLS 2019. The conference will be held in Rome, Italy from 7 to 11 October 2019. Working languages of the conference are Russian and English. All reports will be accompanied by a consecutive translation.

Topics of the conference unite following areas of research:
- construction of ontologies, morphology of situation, process modeling, forecasting the development of events;
- data mining;
- methods of optimization and control;
- processing, analysis and recognition images;
- recognition and understanding of 3D scenes;
- probabilistic topic modeling;
- recognition of text semantics;
- recognition of speech and emotions in speech .

The SLS 2019 conference is the first joint forum of scientists, working in the field of modeling situations, machine understanding of natural language, sounding speech, forecasting events. This conference is to become a platform for the communication of advanced ideas and initiating interdisciplinary research that opens new prospects for the development of artificial intelligence, such as:
— machine understanding of texts in natural language and understanding spontaneous speech,
— automatic construction of ontology of situations and creation tools for predicting their development based on situational dynamics models.

The Conference is dedicated to the new approach to the problem of machine understanding of the text meaning and spontaneous speech. In the centre of our attention there are scientific works where traditional tasks of text recognition and understanding are set and solved in a different way. Not only subject matter and semantics of the text /speech are recognized but also morphology of the situation, stages of its development, situational dynamics models, i.e. events prediction is determined by text and speech. Of particular interest to us are the works in which approaches to the automated construction of situation models, as well as process models, ontologies for text, graphic, photo, video and audio sources are found.

So, topics of the conference also cover such areas of research as:
- legal, medical, economic, historical, political ontologies and dynamic models of the situation;
- neural networks and deep learning;
- pattern recognition and computer vision;
- image morphology;
- recognition and understanding of 3D scenes;
- cognitive architecture to improve scene monitoring systems;
- information retrieval and analysis of texts;
- data journalism;
- data analysis of the web and social networks;
- linguistic processing of texts, corpus linguistics, the theory of semantic roles;
- machine recognition of emotions, irony, sarcasm on the texts;
- speech and language resources;
- phonological, para- and extralinguistic studies, recognition of emotions by speaking;
- determination of the modality of emotions and other affective calculations;
- recognition and understanding of speech;

- analysis of biomedical signals.

Our conference is held for the second time and it gives an opportunity both for young, beginning researches, and already well-known scientists to present their work, which will reflect results of research which were not published before the beginning of the year.
From the very beginning, we organized our conference as a representative scientific forum, where contacts and cooperation of scientists of different generations are encouraged. We welcome the reports made not only by eminent scientists, but also students, post-graduate students. The full text of research works approved by the reviewers will be subsequently published.

The conference Situation, Language, Speech. Models & Applications (SLS) is planned to be held annually.


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